Services: Government Relations

Management Guidance, LLP’s government relations practice includes traditional lobbying efforts with an emphasis on developing clients’ relationships with government entities with which the client has – or should have – regular contact. We work regularly with state agencies on policy and enforcement matters that affect clients’ business operations. State agencies regularly create and modify state rules which impact employers. Our attorneys have substantial experience with the state agency rulemaking process, including new rules, rule changes, and the successful opposition of proposed rules.

Government relations may also be related to an employer’s union relationship. Labor unions often have a strong presence among the legislature and government in general. Where interests align, labor often looks to employer representatives for cooperation and support on labor-management issues. When employers object to one of labor’s legislative initiatives, an ongoing relationship can be the key to employers’ influence. Thus, government relations can play a significant role in employers’ labor relations strategies, especially where labor’s legislative initiatives overlap collective bargaining and other business matters as they so often do.

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